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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the fun of a cardboard box

Having a temporary studio since our move we can finally celebrate the 'opening' of our permanent studio :)
It has all been very exciting, more for some than others and the past few days has generated a large amount of empty cardboard boxes, I'm pleased to say that this has generated hours of amusement (as empty boxes do) as they are being recycled creating lots of fun along the way.

Project House

If you don't have a box big enough for the little ones to play in then make a dolls house, great fun and here is one done beautifully with thanks of craft-project

And if you do have lots of big boxes and want to be inspired, then a big thank you goes out to the amazing talent and creativity of Russian-born, Bulgarian-based graphic designer and illustrator Vicky Knysh do check out her site.... truly fantastic :)
Here are just a few snaps....

Well I hear little ones calling, a cloud cuckoo puppet theatre is in the making, so bye for now and see you soon x

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