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Thursday, 29 September 2011

grey and happy

Okay I know it's super sunny out there, but a little grey collection doesn't mean it's not still happy and sunny on the inside, especially with this set of wonderfulness.
Here are some classics and brands set to be future classics and some newies (well they are for me)
All links below; sort of in order!

mini fanfan
maria hatling
donna wilson
rocket st george (chair and pendants)
jennifer collier
ferm living
thorstenvaneltan (pigeon light)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

knitted creations

Whilst finding fab find #3 last week I also discovered more delights by Donna Wilson. For me (and I'm sure many more) when looking for a fab knit she always gets a visit, however here are some others i'd like to share with you.

Top row Donna Wilson
Middle row Sara Carr
First from the bottom row Lucky Boy Sunday
Last two in bottom row Black Rabbit

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

transformer tuesday #7

We just love flowers whether they're in the meadow, the garden, cut, and especially made ones that you can keep for ages.

Squares of newspaper/magazines, cardboard tubes and lollipop sticks can be transformed into fun jolly paper kite flowers in their own tube pots, or as the mini1 insisted in a little 'sauce'pan, along with actual water.....they're keeping well!

We used:
- scissors
- glue
- decorative tapes
- squares of paper approx 12cm x 12cm (a mix of sizes looks good though)
- cardboard tubes, cut to chosen heights
- lollipop sticks

Sunday, 25 September 2011

more mini chairs...

After a week of being back I have finally downloaded the pics taken whilst away.
May show and share more over the next few months but had to do this one....

You know how much I like chairs for the mini ones and these looked so cute out on the balcony when pottering around Bonnieux (the village I plan to move to one day!)

fab find #4

Personally I find a musical mobile a must in a nursery, however I have had problems in the past finding ones that tick all the boxes and are not run of the commercial norm!
If you too are on a search for your own little one or a gift then fear not as we have Shak-Shuka to thank for stockist this eco cowboy themed mobile, it's fab, i love it and if black is not your colour, fear not there is pink one too.

Cowboy Musical Mobile €35

Friday, 23 September 2011

i'll dry...

Back when my sister and I were little we would pick who to wash and who to dry, personally I preferred to wash, but if I was picking today I'd opt to dry, who wouldn't if they were using this gorgeous jolly teatowel I snapped up in Liberty yesterday, it's from The Mellor Ware Collection by Lianne Mellor
I love the illustration, sketchy style and British Tea theme with the cheeky woodland animals.

fab find #3 for the september equinox

It is now Autumn, the September Equinox is today 23 September 2011. There will be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark and a certain Autumnal chill to the air.
I could sense this event brewing last night as I had an urge for something cosy, snuggly and warm and that brings me onto our fab find #3...
Thank you to Donna Wilson for this fabulously unique water bottle, 2 designs and each design in 3 colourways. Here is the one I'd like to snuggle up with tonight...... (and maybe the boat one tomorrow!)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

transformer tuesday #6

hello transformers, hope you are all well, after two weeks away and one week off from transformering I'm feeling a to need to catch up.
This week I have a little transformer project that my little ones love and play with lots, the play games include; nigh-nights, soft bash and i'm a dod-doc doctors hammer play 'lets check if you work'....

we used;
- card to make template
- fabric ends for main body and strips for limbs
- scissors & pins for cutting and holding
- sewing machine
- filler or more recycled fabric for stuffing
- needle, thread for details

Friday, 16 September 2011

sisters and new lovliness for september shopping

today we are having a sister day, my little ones seem to be loving the sister thing, i'm missing my sister but know all is well in her hands, and as many of your are probably aware another great sister duo is Becky and Carla from Sisters Guild.

Here are just a few picking form their current collection of wonderfulness.
Circus Flag Garland £31.00
Peacock Candle Holder £31.80
Matchbox Mouse 'Big Sister' £21.95
Japanese paper balloon, flower ball £2.25
Milk Carton Mouse House £45.00
Toy box Storage Highrise  £58.80

Got to get shopping...... love the milk carton mouse house sooooooo much

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

transformer tuesday #5

Once a Cupcake.................

This week we've been getting creative in the kitchen, transforming plain old cupcakes into some of our favourite garden creatures.......

We Used:
- eggs
- butter
- flour
- sugar
- .... and lots of icing!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

fab find #2

we love birds as you may well know and how much fun are these little fellows by Cut It Out
i just adore the shy blue one and his bud in the specs, we could find a wall for these i'm sure ....

Friday, 9 September 2011

Growing up fast........

So my big sister Claire, the chief cuck00 is away on her holibobs, and hopefully having a well deserved break!! This leaves me, her sister Erica, perching on the Cloud Cuckoo cloud all alone. But fear not, I am not lonely for I have plenty keeping me busy.
And here is my first blog, as guest blogger. Hope you enjoy................................

Well this week has seen the start of the school year, whether your little one put on their uniform for the very first time, or went to 'big' school, or maybe they are one year closer to school age - this time of year ties in nicely with 2 of our card ranges, here at cloud cuck00 designs.

Firstly our 'i'm going to be range.......' this coulourful collection includes 'Brian', the superhero, 'Rascal Rouge' the pirate and 'Aqua' the mermaid. What were you/are you going to be when you grow up?? There's lots of people letting us know on facebook and twitter, come and join in the fun!!!

And secondly our 'pick a number' range, great for those special birthdays!!


Our 'pick a number' range includes both boy and girl birthday cards, from ages 1 to 5.

And our 'a - round friends' range starts at age 1 and goes up to aged 8!

For our full range go to www.cloudcuckoodesigns.com
email: info@cloudcuckoodesigns.com
twitter: @itscloudcuckoo
facebook: cloudcuckoodesigns


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

transformer tuesday #4

Whilst we have some sunny days left we thought for this 'Transformer Tuesday' we'd get out and about making the most of the sunshine with pebble gathering and transforming.....

We Used:
- pebbles - original Dorset ones
- pencils and favourite tools for drawing and decorating

Thursday, 1 September 2011

fab find #1

we will be bringing to you our fab finds, not on any particular day or any particular topic, the find may be a fab blog, fab illustration, fab designer, fab 'thing', well you get the feel it's something fab and todays fab find is....

this gorgeous hand made stuffed mouse with the cutest spot socks by Timo-Handmade on Etsy
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