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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

transformer tuesday #18

Morning all, our Tuesdays are not what they were....Mini1 now goes to her pre-school nursery all day on a Tuesday to get her prepped for her reception class start in September so  it's either TT with me and minimini1 or we do it at the weekend where all 3 of us girls can get involved. This week we took advantage of our Saturday afternoon after a morning trip out and got making and creating with some of our favourite materials....

- empty food boxes (ours were clipper tea and dorest cereal)
- wooden pegs
- liberty fabric ends
- vintage buttons
- pens for facial details
- needle, thread, scissors

and this is what we ended up with, a cardboard animal parade with riding pegdolls dressed for their adventurous travels.....

Monday, 25 June 2012


Feeling bright and happy with a big yellow sun in the sky this morning and extra special for mini1 because yellow her absolute favourite colour except on days when she says 'all colours are my favourite' but that can be a rainbow post one day!
Back to yellow here are some yellow objects to add to this sunny happy day....

neckpiece Artloeria
mini acrylic painting Pinkrain 
whale tissue holder GnomeSweeeetGnome
bird whistle molly-meg
yellow fish Sisters Guild

Thursday, 21 June 2012

travel journals

Since i can remember I've loved stationery both buying it and designing for it and woohoo here we are that time of year where we can pop a travel journal in our basket and check out. The tricky thing is picking which one as there are some great ones out there. Here are just a few of some of the ones I like...

MP My Travel Journal

Junior travel journal open copy

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

these bags will be right up your street!

Whilst on a bag hunt for mini1 i came across Etsy shopfront 'me & lu studio' Julia Gabriel is the shop owner and designer and from her love of architecture and the idea that a building has a soul she makes backpacks. These back packs are no ordinary back pack but they are modelled on buildings that have been abandoned, these bags bring back life to the things we previously created and may now have forgotton. Custom orders are taken which I think is a wonderful memory of a place you once lived in, a forgotten holiday home, a favourite place, a place that is or once was called 'home' they really are amazing....

1706 Westheimer Road1823 West Main Street120 West Marshall Street

transformer tuesday #17

Take some doodles of girls, boy, animal characters make up some doodles of clothes and stick to card get snipping out and play dress up....

Here is the girl we doodled then let the girls dress, undress, mix and match and dress again, mmmm like real life with girls!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

A furniture design company for kids that you'll LOVE!

A few years back at a trade show we were showing I discovered fellow exhibitor nine to nine a Madrid based company specialising in children's furniture design. As well as the beautiful simplicity the designs show I was also thrilled to see that the products are not throw away baby/kid pieces but can be converted into pieces when the child grows up; for example a cot into a sofa-bed, changers into dressers and tables into side-tables, the convertibility makes these items even more attractive.
The beliefs of this company are highly applaudable and in addition they plant a tree in the name of the child every cot is brought for.
I've included images of some of their furniture collection but I really wanted to post images of their textiles too as I think these lines are fairly new and not to be missed.
Nine to nine is now a one stop shop for a gorgeous happy nursery, child's room and play room ......

Sunday, 17 June 2012

and the winner is.....

Thanks to all who tweeted DM's, left comments here and on our facebook page

Fran we will be in contact regarding best delivery address or direct email us to info@cloudcuckoodesigns.com

Friday, 15 June 2012

Lucky Boy Sunday on Friday

I've posted with Lucky Boy Sunday links before but today I thought I'd pop a few of their delights altogether on one post as I just love them and must buy another addition soon. This Sunday Monday sees Bubble and they have exhibited before but sadly not this time. They do have some fab stockists though where you can pick up a LBS knit, cushion, house, garland or softie and what about this if you buy this weekend a LBS delight from the lovely Sisters Guild you can enjoy a discount too, (check your inbox, my email with details came through this morning, thanks Bekka and Carla)
So who's behing Lucky Boy Sunday and what's their story....
Danish designers Camilla and Camilla came up with Lucky Boy Sunday on a sunny Sunday in Copenhagen, a collection of friends, playthings and decoration that is utterly unique and beguiling. From their own version of a child's reality, characters such as Nulie and Sailor Jack will take you to another place with edgy design and top of the pop quality. The collections (2 a year) are made from 100% baby alpaca produced in Bolivia by very talented women who help to make Camilla and Camilla's dreams come true (and ours!)

Stanley DeLarge and Beauty Baby

Balthazar & Sailor Jack
Lucky Gift Kit

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

transformer tuesday #16

Ok it's still Tuesday so this counts but i really didn't think I'd be posting today, it has been craaaazzzzyyyy.
I'm sure you can see this too by the very slap dash look of the super fast crafty transformer session. With oodles to do I didn't think I'd be TTing today but at breakfast the little lady pulled out a paper cup and said I'd like a pop up dolly please so 'Pop-Up Dolly' was hastily transformed whilst making breakfast, dressing, washing and attending to little ones and hubby and a dog.
For this look no time is required!!
Things you will need are:
- paper-cup
- drinking straw
- paper sweetie bag (fabric is great though if you have a free hand and time to stitch!)
- card and pens to doodle a face
- pipe cleaner and beads for arms and hands
- thread for hair
- tape

Monday, 11 June 2012

Pinterest..i love you..

Just a few months back I set myself up on Pinterest I must say it has to be one of the best things I've ever done (in this cyber kinda world that is).
I log on in a morning 'pin' from those I follow, do sourcing and such myself throughout the day or when I have those lose yourself in inspiration moments and 'pin' my finds. It opens up a whole new world and not only am I grateful for such inspiring people and finds but also thrilled by seeing my follower numbers climb, it feels good to know that I'm sharing and it's liked and inspiring to my followers as those who share with me and make me happy. 

Thank you pinners and followers and long may we all pin :)

Here is a snap shot of some of my boards

Here are a few of my recent pins

Saturday, 9 June 2012

good morning moustache

With Fathers Day just one week away I thought these fabulous Etsy finds would be fitting and fun, I'm smiling and I'm sure Dadda and Pa-Pa will be too.....

A little DIY required with this decal from Me & My 3 Boys it's super useful as every chap has that change that is just screaming out for a pot to pop it in to (snip at £2.99)

Silli Creations you can create an array of things...soaps, candles, cakes..... all for the special 'him' with this silicone mould

Freaky Fleece can help make dadda/pa-pa comfy and relaxed on fathers day (& have that treat yourself feeling too) with these great cushions...love them, find it tricky just picking two!

Isabells Umbrella has this print which I really like but for a different forth coming event! 

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